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Top 5 reasons our partners choose Cloud Clarity

Better Uptime Means Shorter Waits.

Our resellers see better uptime, and much shorter wait times than with other providers.

We make it easy

Cloud Clarity helps partners across the entire customer lifecycle: marketing, sales, support, migration + more.

Extensive Marketing and Sales Support

Our partners receive industry-leading support to help them grow their client portfolio. Sending them contacts to reach out to, giving them hours of marketing support, and much more.

Customer Ownership

Our team will work with you to handle the relationship in the most meaningful way to you.

Multiple products, 1 provider.

There's just one bill and one support team. You can use our products to increase your revenue and reduce your un-billable time.

Choose the partnership model that best suits your business.

Partnership Models

If you know a person or company who would benefit from our solutions, send them in our direction! There is no limit to how many leads you can provide us. The more you send, the more we close, the more you make! Anyone can become a referral partner, it’s as simple as sending us an email about a company you know that needs cloud services we will reach out and do the rest. You can choose to be as involved as you would like; we value involved partners!

Program Benefits
• Great Opportunity for Supplemental Income
• Partnership with a National Industry Leader
• Cross and Co-Marketing Opportunities
• No Cost or Obligation

• The first ten referred customers earn you the entire first month of revenue for each referred customer.
• Each customer over the first ten will earn you the first two months revenue of each referred customer.

Our most popular partner program is our reseller program. This allows you to benefit from using our services in your customers environments.

The Reseller Program allows you management of the sales process with new and existing customers while our sales and support staff act as an extension of your company. We are your sales engineers, your support engineers, providing you with sales quotes, installation services, marketing materials and anything else you may need to turn these customers into reoccurring revenue for your organization.

Once the customers are on board, we will handle the day to day servicing of the account with either you, or if you prefer, directly with the customer.

Program Benefits
• Great Opportunity for Reoccurring Supplemental Income
• Partnership with a National Industry Leader
• Co-Branded Marketing Materials
• No Cost or Obligation
• Control of the Sales Process
• Manage Customer Relationship

• 15% of monthly revenue collected for life of customer

* Reseller Partners are paid a commission on the amount collected from the customer.

Are you looking for a product to add to your current portfolio of products or services? Cloud Clarity can provide you with a partnership that will increase your income as well as help build rapport with your customers.

This program allows you to resell our services as your own and at your own price point. We will support you in any efforts where you need assistance, and provide technical support directly to you and your own technical staff.

Program Benefits

  • Great Opportunity for Reoccurring Supplemental Income
  • Partnership with a National Industry Leader
  • White Label, Editable Marketing Materials & Branding
  • Complete Control of Customer Relationship


  • We sell our services at a wholesale rate to your organization; inturnyou resell it to your customers. The more you sell the better discount you receive.

Sales Support

Dedicated Account Representative

Client Onboarding

Co-selling with Cloud Clarity

Marketing Assistance

Brandable marketing assets

Monthly Marketing Assistance

  • Starter
    • $ 100 Monthly
      • Monthly Support
      • 25 New Contacts in your region
      • 1 Co-Branded Landing Page
      • 1 Co-Branded Email
      • 1 Hour of dedicated Marketing Assistance

  • Growing
    • $ 100 Monthly
      • Monthly Support
      • 100 Regional Contacts
      • 2 Co-Branded Landing Pages
      • 1 Co-Branded Email Campaigns
      • 2 Hours of Dedicated Marketing Assistance

  • High Volume
    • $ 100 Monthly
      • Monthly Support
      • 200 Regional Contacts
      • 4 Co-Branded Landing Pages
      • 4 Co-Branded Email Campaigns
      • 5 Hours of Dedicated Marketing Assistance
      • 3 Self-Branded Landing Pages
      • 3 Self-Branded Email Campaigns

  • Ultimate
    • $ 100 Monthly
      • Monthly Support
      • 250 Regional Contacts
      • 6 Co-Branded Landing Pages
      • 6 Co-Branded Email Campaigns
      • 10 Hours of Dedicated Marketing Assistance
      • 8 Self-Branded Landing Pages
      • 6 Self-Branded Email Campaigns

What partnering with a complimentary tool should be like
We’ve worked in your industries, felt your pains, and know what it’s like to rely on 10 vendors for 5 tools that you use every day.

Our goal is to simplify that, make your workload easier to manage, and give you a consistent kit of tools you don’t second guess. All of this is under a single umbrella, easy to access and rely on support, and extremely clear billing. So no matter what the relationship your customers aren’t puzzled, and you don’t have to answer uncomfortable questions.

How does Cloud Clarity help my clients?

Cloud Clarity provides reliable services with a strong track record. You can communicate with some of our other partners so you know what exactly you’re getting and what it means to businesses like your own. Our online backup services are second to none, our virtual hosting services are redundant, and if you need us to do project work our team is skilled and will act just like you would and act as an employee for your organization.

How does Cloud Clarity compensate?

Cloud Clarity has Referral models that will give you one-month revenue that you never have to worry about again. Our Reseller models that will provide you with an ongoing commission for the life of the customer but we manage the relationship for you. Our Value Added Reseller model that will let you price the solution at whatever you want above wholesale costs. We have solutions that are here to meet your business needs, structured in ways you are comfortable.

Why partnering with Cloud Clarity is important to you

Cloud Clarity loves working with our partners, we want to be your one stop solution and we want to provide you with world class service quickly. This allows you to spend more time working with your customers, keeps you off of hold, and makes sure your and your customers issues are solved quickly.

Account Administration
Our Accounts Team is here to ensure your success. We keep the number of people you need to work with to get things solved at a minimum. Our account managers will make sure to get the answers you need from the people in our organization.

Technical Support

Cloud Clarity provides hands on and dependable technical support. Our goals are to make sure you have the person you need that can answer your questions who you have built a strong rapport with.

Cloud Clarity provides hands-on and dependable technical support. Our goal is to make sure you have the person you need that can answer your questions, whom you have built a strong rapport with.


TB of Data Protected


Satisfied Clients


Machines Managed

Protect your data and grow your client portfolio with Cloud Clarity

Whether your clients need a reliable and cost effective backup solution or you’re looking to add a new, consistent revenue stream- we’re happy to talk through it all with you to see if our solutions are the best fit for you and your team.